Main division that provides full range of services and specializes on general support for all foreign guests visiting or staying in Russia. Apart from general support, our division offers a wide range of services:

Language support

Our experienced interpreters and personal assistants perform professional translation services. Along with verbal translations our company offers written translation services, where translated text undergoes a strict proofreading, editing control and if required, the translation can be certified by Company’s seal.

Project management

The vast experience of our employees serves as the base of high-quality project management. International cooperation - is key to successful development of large-scale enterprises and joint implementation of ambitious projects. We form an expert team that develops a business case, analyses risks, adjusts managerial accounting and controls well-timed execution of the project.

Transfer services

Our Company provides a wide range of car hire services with a personal driver and guarantees excellent level of service and comfort. We also offer car hire with security guard, personal assistant or professional guide escort. Any orders include snacks and refreshments on board, Wi-Fi and English-speaking drivers for foreign guests.

Administrative support

Our company offers a wide range of administrative support services, such as insurance, visa and permits support, housing assistance (long term and short term rental), watch over & care services.

Event management

Our management team arranges all sort of events, such as corporate events, team building sessions, business meetings, luncheon and dinner arrangement, seminars, receptions and many more.

Security services

Our licensed security guards handle any situation and make sure you have nothing to worry about.

Representational Service

In the early stages of a market entry, it can be challenging for an international company to justify the expense of a full representative office in Russia. On top of that, there are many underlying potential problems of which a foreign investor or a company is frequently not aware of. We can take on functions of a representative and become your guide to the Russian market.

Watch over services

You want someone to watch over your family or friends during their stay in Russia? Are you afraid that your relatives can suddenly get sick, lost or deceived? We have special long term offers which provide watch over services for guests visiting our country and, in case any situations arise, we assist timely and properly. Service is available 24/7.